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Mathieu Isabelle

Sculptor & creator of large sized three dimensional artworks.

The sheer size of his piece, and the techniques or symbols he uses are intended to create an unsettling effect and to inspire a sense of wonder.

Mathieu Isabelle


Year: 2010

Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 12 feet

Material: Stainless Steel

Private buyer, offered to CHUM/Montreal, Qc

Mathieu Isabelle


Fuelled by perseverance, determination, passion and the recognition that time is precious, Mathieu Isabelle praises people who are in constant action, evolution and in eternal self-development.

Custom artwork

The artist may, on request, create custom and unique pieces of art. Establish with him the type of piece desired, the format and the signification of the creation designed specially for you.
Custom artwork

To your image

Pieces of art designed specifically for you, in your desired format, created from your inspiration, with whatever meaning is significant to you.

Custom artwork


Year: 2015

Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 9 feet

Material: Stainless Steel

Private buyer, Ibiza Spain

Available Artworks

Some of his most awe-inspiring pieces are readily available as an addition to your personal collection or even to create a major impact in your environment. Take a look at these pieces ...
Available Artworks


Year: 2013

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 13 feet

Material: Stainless Steel


Available Artworks


In Quebec, you can admire the works of Isabelle Mathieu in certain public places such as Hotel Quintessence in Mont-Tremblant, the Centropolis in Laval, Place Ville-Marie in Montreal, the Montreal Airport, the Cathedral of St-Jerome, at the CHUM of Montreal or in major events such as professional boxe events at the Bell Centre and the famous Dîner en Blanc in Montreal.

Art of kindness

To date, Mathieu Isabelle has helped raise over $ 300,000 for various causes in the region of Montreal and continues to make it a priority in his career.

About the artist

In 2009, the idea of developing the three-dimensional side of his artwork appeared to him.

Inhabited by strong values, Mathieu Isabelle uses his art as a means of expression. Each of his monumental artworks conveys a different message and expresses his opinions.

Now an international artist, Mathieu Isabelle has been cumulating sales in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. In Quebec, you can admire his works in certain public places such as Hotel Quintessence in Mont-Tremblant, the Centropolis in Laval, Place Ville Marie in Montreal, the Montreal Airport, The Cathedral of St Jerome, the CHUM and also during major events such as boxing  galas at the Bell Centre and the « Diner en Blanc » in Montreal.

Mathieu Isabelle is a man of passion and conviction. His spiritual journey has led him to contemplate the complex beings that we are.

Through his art, he wants to bring people to face themselves and to understand themselves. Looking at his artwork, you will feel the message that it conveys. Be yourself and most importantly, live up to the human being you are.

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